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About MI7

MI7 is an independent communications firm with a background in journalism and business. Partners Hans Faber and Mischa van de Woestijne are specialised in financial and legal PR and issue and crisis communication. In addition, we provide press training and positioning, text production, websites, social-media strategies, and the creation of magazines.

How we work

We are result-oriented, we combine reflection and action, and have a preference for a clear, optimistic, and pragmatic approach, without prolonged meetings, endless presentations, or voluminous reports. 

We believe in long-term partnerships, whereby our activities are tailored to the requirements of the client. We sometimes make arrangements for the duration of a project, but in other cases we work on an hourly basis or against a fixed monthly fee. 


Whom we work for 

Our clients vary from start-ups to multi-nationals, from small financial service providers to the largest private equity firms of the Netherlands. But we also work for private clients, media companies, cultural and governmental institutions and the non-profitsector. 


Curious as to whether we can also mean something to you?

Please call +31 (0)6 2470 42 05

or send a message to mischa @

I am happy to visit your office,

but you are of course also welcome in our office in Amsterdam next to the A10.

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