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MI7 is specialised in Financial Public Relations,

Legal Public Relations, Issue Management and Crisiscommunications.

We tell you what you should hear, 

maybe not always what you want to hear.

Financial Public Relations

Financial PR requires knowledge of the financial sector and of how financial institutions operate, of relevant legislation and regulations, of the requirements of the monitoring authorities, and of the expectations of society vis-a-vis the financial sector. MI7 combines this knowledge with an excellent network in the financial and economic press. Our clients vary from banks, to financial start-ups and investment firms – from family offices to the most important private equity-firms of The Netherlands.

MI7 has have extensive experience with public relations and reputation-management in the financial world. Our experience varies from writing is distributing press releases, developing Q&A's and Key Messages, press training, press conferences and acting as spokesperson. In addition odd this, we have broad experience in the creation of magazines and websites for financial institutions. See here for a first impression. We would be happy to give you further information when we meet in private.

Financiele PR
Juridische PR

Legal Public Relations

Public relations play an increasingly important role in legal disputes or other conflicts. We help our clients to stay out of the news or to appear in it – if only with the right story. For this purpose, we develop a strategy which is in line with the legal narrative, we formulate core messages, make sure that journalists have the right information at their disposal, provide press training, organize informal conversations with the press, and if necessary, we draw up crisis communication protocols.

In addition, we closely collaborate with a specialized legal firm, so we are able to take swift legal action if such is required. We have experience with matters regarding undesirable attention from the media or consumer organisations, investigations or negative rulings by governmental organisations or monitoring authorities, and conflicts regarding zoning plans. Here we describe some of our recent projects; we would be happy, of course, to tell you more during a private conversation.


Issue Management and Crisiscommunications

Any organization may have to deal with an issue or crisis. Whatever the cause or scope may be, a clear strategy and smart public relations and the right Key Messages are crucial to inform stakeholders, to counter negative reporting and to protect the reputation of the company. We have undergone extensive training and experience with the preparation of crisis communication plans, the organization of crisis communication exercises, the providing of media training, as well as with the providing of ad hoc advice and with interventions in the event of an issue or a crisis.

Over the years we have assisted various organizations with an issue or during a crisis. We acted for organizations for which we had drawn up protocols and provided training at an earlier stage, or for companies and organisations that asked for our help after the outbreak of the crisis. Please look here for some recent projects and don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Do you need immediate advice or assistance?

Call +31-(0)6-24 70 42 05 or +31 (0)6 5519 7890 or send us a message. We will get back to you instantly.



We are specialised in Financial Public Relations, Legal Public Relations, and Crisiscommunications. In practice, we also engage in activities, of course, which do not fall within this narrower scope; in some cases, we collaborate with a fixed team of specialists, such as web-builders, designers, social-media- and SEO-firms.

We always keep control on the process and take responsibility for the end result.

These activities may be projects such as:

  • Positioning and branding 

  • Media training

  • Preparation of press files 

  • Websites and online strategy

  • Copywriting, opinion pieces, editorial articles and advertorials

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Publication of magazines and books

Please look here for some recent projects.

Over MI7

About MI7

For close to ten years, MI7 has combined an enterprising and practical approach with an enthusiastic, creative, and thorough methodology. We value durable relationships with our clients, whereby we hope to be the stable and trusted partner for both consultancy and execution.

History of MI7

MI7 was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence between 1916 and 1918. As part of the War Office, MI 7 worked in close cooperation with MI5 and MI6 and focused on propaganda and censorship. Please read more about the history of MI7 in the following pages.


MI7 Media Intelligence


Mischa van de Woestijne: +31 (0)6 2470 42 05

Hans Faber +31 (0)6 5519 7890

Or send an email to info @

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