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Monaco Yacht Show 2022
Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design presents: 


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=Press release=

Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design presents:


Yachting without compromises


Eemnes / Monaco, September 26, 2022 – Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is proud to present Poetry, a 130-meter new superyacht concept created from a refreshing new design vision in which the owner’s perspective is leading. Poetry makes the dreams of owners come true, overcoming traditions in yacht design. Poetry is Sinot’s tribute to yachting. Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design presents the ready to build, fully operational concept Poetry at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022 (Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, LC14).

Design Vision

…Living close to the water in perfect harmony with the aquatic environment; a seamless experience of the highest quality with loved ones aboard your private yacht... With Poetry, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design shows a refreshing design vision that’s all about the owner’s perspective. An eye-catching concept that exemplifies Sinot’s vision on integrated design development. Designer Sander Sinot: “We challenged ourselves to create a concept that fully accommodates the desires and lifestyle of the owner, without compromising the yacht design. For Poetry, we worked from a new design vision, creating a concept depicting the owner’s dreams. Less formal, more genuine, more like a home.”


Next generation yacht design

“Poetry represents a next generation yacht design”, Sander Sinot explains. “The strong exterior lines of Poetry are driven by hydrodynamics and architecture – a solid nautical platform, hosting an open-space plan defined by three-dimensional thinking, to precisely accommodate functions, needs, and desires. Transparency and openness are the hallmarks of the superstructure, offering undisturbed views and unobstructed deck space fore, aft, port, and starboard side.” Poetry furthermore reinvents yacht design by relocating the wheelhouse to a more functional spot at the bow. “This makes the prime location of Poetry, the highest deck, available to the most important user: the owner”, Sander Sinot explains. “Since privacy is key, the owner’s deck is highly secluded – no crew, guests or others need be on this deck, unless invited. The owner and his or her loved ones have the entire deck for themselves.”


Privacy and socializing

Poetry is created to optimize the use of space aboard. Sinot: “This is a new, thematic approach to yacht design that starts with the dreams of the owner. For him or her we explore the inner values of space and how we live our lives with a mixture of elements that people normally do not think about.” This is a poetic concept inspired by the flexibility you find in resorts, having the freedom to enjoy privacy or socializing with family or friends. “By moving the wheelhouse to a new location, we could create a genuine private area to be enjoyed by the owner.”

Openness and freedom

Composed like a poem, aboard Poetry sun and daylight are its meter, cherished for their warmth and tantalizing enlightenment. Looming deckheads cast shadows and offer coolness with the breeze. Movable shades in the deckheads filter and direct daylight to the interior, to be taken over by carefully controlled artificial lighting when the sun sets. Connection with the water is all-encompassing thanks to the seamless connection between interior and exterior, due to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and six huge fold-down hatches at the lower deck Beach Club. The large exterior decks culminate in the aft deck exterior beach with infinity pool, slowly descending towards sea level. The extendable swimming platforms offer access to the water and act as a mooring spot for private limo tenders.


Balancing light

Poetry focuses on using natural and artificial light to structure space, highlight details, and set the mood. Light is orchestrated into scenes which are functional, while subconsciously supporting social settings. The transition from the inside to the outside is eased by using the directional shades at the deckheads, which light up in a subtle glow at night. Designer Sander Sinot: “It is a poetic way to enlighten our lives with a mixture of elements we usually do not think about.”


Aesthetical timelessness

The ultra-bespoke exterior and interior elements will create a quality impression of another level and an esthetical timelessness, where purity of form combines with elegance in proportion. Imagine the best builders, artisans, and craftsmen, building this yacht for one owner only: providing true value by perfectly complementing the personality of the owner, accommodating his or her art pieces and objects of desire. A superior quality of make, combined with refined use of natural and reclaimed materials and a seamless integration of technology.


Capacity and plan

With 4 guest state rooms, 2 VIP state rooms, and 1 Owner’s stateroom, Poetry has guest capacity of 14 persons. The prime real estate aboard Poetry, the highest deck, is reserved for the owner’s pavilion. One deck below we find private dining with an open kitchen, a large multimedia cinema and an exploration room, for charting routes together with the captain. The main deck contains VIP suites and guest cabins that enjoy the setup of the bed to the axis of the yacht to guarantee full sea views, as well as private loggias, and at the bow a state-of-the art wheelhouse designed as a cockpit with frontal and side views. Towards the aft, large semi-al fresco dining and lounging is possible, connected to the aft exterior deck with infinity pool. Inside on the lower deck you will find an extensive wellness, as well as secure sea-access located next to the Beach Club.


Grand Space of Wellbeing

Having the opportunity to create a new plan for the yacht, based on owner wishes, dreams and appreciation, Poetry introduces a Grand Space of Wellbeing at the lower deck interior: the Beach Club with its adjacent areas, the Hammam and Sauna as gatekeepers of the vast Gym and the Beauty Salon, with its hairdressing, nail and beauty treatment and massage stations. All designed to nurture body & soul of the owner and family, loved ones and guests, offering privacy and dedication in spaces that elude fitness for purpose, like a private resort, while amplifying the experience of being close to the water. 

The Beach Club of Poetry is a multipurpose space, to linger and come together prior and after a spa experience, work-out or beauty treatment, or just to have a good time and an excellent party. A small sea-side bar with terrace on the hatch serves drinks and light lunches. Comfortable seating corners, lounge beds, and huge sofa arrangements cater for any type of social gathering.

The epitome of chill is the sea pool, created by lowering one of the hatches under the sea level, extending a filtering bulwark and allowing the seawater to rush in for a truly exciting saltwater dip. The large vide creates a 2-deck high open space, which is perfectly suited for placement of monumental art. At the vide, equipped with a sensational glass art piece on the floor, an elegant circular staircase connects the main deck lounge with the Beach Club, evoking a feeling of entering straight into the blue mysteries of the ocean.


Ready to be build

Many concepts Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design has developed over the years are in different stages of realization. With the relocation of the wheelhouse to a functionally effective spot at the bow, making way for the prime location of the yacht to be used by the owner, Poetry is an example of a refreshing intervention in yacht traditions. Poetry: yachting without compromises.





Exterior & Interior Design: Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design 



Overall length: 129,6m

Length waterline: 129,6m

Beam molded: 19m

Estimated GT: 5,600

Draught half load: 4,5m



Maximum speed: 17,5 knots

Cruise speed: 12 knots

Range: 4,500 nautical miles at 12 knots

Electrical power generation: 4,0 MW

Power source: Hydrogen electric / PEM fuel cells

Fuel: Hydrogen-based fluid gel



Guest capacity: 14 persons (4 guest state rooms, 2 VIP state rooms, 1 Owner’s stateroom)

Crew capacity: 47 persons (22 double crew cabins, 4 officer cabins, 1 captain’s cabin)



2x 12m limo tender

5x wave runners

Water toys


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